Thursday, August 29, 2013

Over-Rustication leads to Stagnation of Activity of Neurons!

On a fine day you lie down by the window gazing into the sky and don't realize how hours together pass-by till you get hold of your senses only to know it's lunch time already. The food is overly tasty and you can relish the real-taste of it, for you know you have all the time in the world to do it. It suddenly sub-consciously feels like you are on holiday, but that ain't the case. You spend days like this relaxing and giving your body the most deserved rest and mind the space it needs. One day you wake up to realize that you have given yourself a holiday longer than was necessary and relaxed far more than you should have, only to know that "time and tide wait for none" & "time once gone never comes back again!". Either you regret or you don't.

The regret kick-starts the self-leadership mechanism in you and you finally decide that you are going to fight it and not be pushed down by this phase of your life, where you gave yourself the luxury you thought you deserved. After all of self-convincing set of phrases and volumes that you speak to yourself, you are more than convinced that you were right in what you did and that you are now prepared for the geared up phase of your life and that you are going to make up for all that was lost (if any was).

You begin with all the zeal and then work really hard, with all the momentum, that waking up early and going all out to make happen all that you desire. There are no more gossips but just talks on what can make things happen and move ahead. "Progress" is the word and the only one that hits your mind more often than your eyes could blink and lungs could breathe. You are finally owning what was once only in fairy tales - the midas touch. All that you attempt only goes great and you see results and the glory that you dream of and all that you are trying to make up is finally happening and getting closer.

You make glory in tasks after tasks and then comes a moment the energy levels are at peaks and you know you are performing beyond expectations and you are beating every target by margins twice or more and you know that you truly deserve many pats on your back, BUT NO, you are not going to stop because you had already had a long break and you now know that you have to make up for all that was lost to ensure that time feels worth it.

Now there are many paths and many destinations that can open up from this stage of life, majority relax after a few more miles only to repeat the phase mentioned at the on-set of this article and put themselves in the cycle of this article phase 1 - phase 2 - phase 1 - phase 2... and so on. But seldom do they realize each time the phase 1 is getting longer than phase 2. Such people end up in Mediocrity. While for those in whose lives the phase 1 goes shorter each time on the cycle become Winners in Life, pretty successful enough to tell tales to all their family and extended family.

For those in whose lives phase 1 barely comes again apart from the long lasting break of life called childhood, post which they are forever set in momentum and they go on rocking become Living Legends. For those in whose lives phase 1 never comes at all and they keep themselves in phase 2 always and keep rocking, become the historic role-models for living their life in ways rarely anyone could attempt living, they are the ones who love everything they do and just keep walking and truly own the midas touch.

Finally the ones in whose lives phase 2 never comes at all are ones totally unheard of or In some rare cases called quality venture capitalists :) (Who don't over rusticate! They plan & live well. Not all though.)


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