Thursday, April 18, 2013


There was a dream I once dreamt to celebrate World Inspiration Day every single year. The date was decided to be April 23rd owing to the conception of IU on the same date. Every birthday of IU was celebrated as a day to inspire. But this year on, we are glad to let the world know that we are officially celebrating this day as THE WORLD INSPIRATION DAY, which just leaves me to tears. I know this would never stop from here on in, and create a more inspired world year after year.  

The support from Global Organizations has been huge and promising for me to believe even stronger in the vision of an inspired world!

I wish to see you all join us in this chase towards creating a more inspired world where people wake up to a positive morning each time they go to bed, to create a world where classrooms are full of people with zeal and not of people who are bored to the core, companies have people who are bubbling with innovations and ideas that make this world a better place and not those who reach there to make ends meet, where canteens have gossips around solving issues of society and not gossips of how they could create issues for others, where politics is full of leaders who wish to serve and not think of how much they deserve, where common man is not disgusted and has not given up because he is tired, instead he smiles and attempts to make happen things because he is inspired!!! WELCOME TO INSPIRATION UNLIMITED (IU).

#WID is just a statement to all those negative people out there in the world, that we just need a year a day to ward off their influence in our lives!!!

Sujit Lalwani
Founder & Director, 
Inspiration Unlimited (IU)

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