Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life Simplified to LIFE BOOK!

There is an element of uncertainty to everything you do. What makes life exciting and unpredictable is this factor. Every time you plan something, and you know where you are heading, life takes it's stand to let you know, what you do not know by showing you a part of the journey that you could have never anticipated on your plan.

What's the title of your LIFE BOOK?
The faster you convert that uncertainty to knowledge, experience and lesson of life, is how quickly pages of life start getting filled and it's the largest volumes written with deep content that become the best sellers after the books are finished. Basically, before you leave the world, you must understand deep and clear that the only way you will survive in this world after you are gone, is through your LIFE BOOK you compile, through your LIFE STORY. If it is worth sharing, it will get shared, but if it ain't your coming and going out will be like a pedestrian on the busiest roads of the world, totally unnoticed and highly lost in the crowd.

It's those that write loads in their LIFE BOOK and make it exciting on every single page, have something worth to pass it on to the next generation of readers. Uncertainty is the spice of life, and the thrill of this brilliant book. When all that you do ends up as failure, your LIFE BOOK can still be a best seller and that's the secret of having lived a life, which doesn't die after you are gone and doesn't fade in events of failure while you lived.

Each of us have a chance to correct ourselves and rectify ourselves, grow and make a mark through every act of ours, while some of us choose to exercise the power given to us to write our LIFE BOOK, the rest of us are too lazy to pick up the pen and write this much, just like the many exams in schools/colleges we wrote. A short book too can be powerful and worth sharing as long as it's got the element of twists, is spicy and has the taste that can leave your mouth watering for more.

While Anne Frank is an example of one a short story, you could also be Mother theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Hitler or for that matter Sachin, Michael Jackson or Tom Cruise. Your story is yours write and no other person can ever write your book. They can be a part of a few pages of your book while they are writing their own, but never write your complete book.

So time to look back into your life and re-read all that you have written and introspect if your STORY is worth sharing, if your dish is tasty enough to make someone drool for more, if your LIFE is a message strong enough to be forwarded to generations to come. If yes, make it deeper and stronger, If no, you still have time. I truly thank you, for spending your time reading this blog and making this little time a part of one your pages of your LIFE BOOK. While I hope this simplifies your life LIFE SIMPLIFIED! also will.

Thank you


  1. What a thought Sujit Lalwani... The life book is filled up by default by each and every one, and mere assumption no matter what is written, it will be the best seller to ourselves. The real difference is when others too think its a best seller. And one need not wait till death, there are few people who make their life book a best seller when they are on this earth and that why we all are here for. I do personally like a life book.. the name of book is Sujit Lalwani.

    1. Thank you so much Rithesh for such kind words and your life book too will be the best seller soon!

  2. Never before have a felt the urge of writing my "Life book" as much as now! For sure I'll make it of the highest volume and greatest thrill.. Life is giving me enough twists and turns for the same :)
    Thanks for such a piece of inspiration!

  3. inspiring thank you very much bro for such a wonderful blog I wish even my life book also to be one of the best seller one day


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