Sunday, July 22, 2012

Movies Make Sense! So does our LIFE!

No beating around - Here I come straight to the point: There is lot to learn from every movie you watch. It's what you take from it that counts. If you can put efforts to think on lines of the movie and put a little effort to relate to the movie & not take that little effort as an effort actually, & as a defeat to your objective of getting entertained; then possibly you could come back with a big deal of message and entertainment. Besides you would also not kill the hours of your life for nothing.

It could matter to you and of course to more people than just you, for, if it mattered to you and coached you with something it would matter to all those you would connect to in future. A director does not put his effort for nothing. he definitely has an objective behind making the movie which has complete sense or reason or an objective. It rolls down in number money wise because it cannot engage a lethargic audience who has come with an objective of spending their 3 hours with an objective they have defined. Large audience is there to kill time really well.

At times the making of the movie does not have a style that is engaging. I do agree. But I feel when I have been to movies, I tune myself to the rythm of the movie. I look at it from the director's perspective. If at the end of it I don't make any sense(which is never the case) I would possibly still appreciate the patience it takes to make something like this which has no sense and spend millions on it.(No one would want to do that)

The objective with which I write this blog is to let you all know that every life has meaning and every one does things, because it makes sense to them. If you can relate to the doer's mindset you could help him do things on a plane where majority of people he meets he would be able to influence and hence fulfilling life shall not elude him/her.

You can learn from every story of your past if you gave a little attention to it that it deserved with right bent of your mind for your future. All lessons that you need for your future to make it as happening as you desire and to make happen things you desire, you just need a deeper introspection and a neat glance at your own movie. The movie you directed is not flop. Just ask yourself what is your objective and you could create an interval where you want and twist the complete storyline towards what end you desire!

HAPPY ENDING is the definite goal and the good news is - it's achievable. DEFINITELY!!!

Sujit Lalwani
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  1. Loved this sentence. "You can learn from every story of your past if you gave a little attention to it that it deserved with right bent of your mind for your future."

    To add on

    In the movie of life, one wants or not he has to play all the roles. A director, a producer, an actor and every other role. The only similarity is the audience.

    Everyday is a movie. It's a live performance that has a very uncertain end which makes it adventurous. One just needs to look back to see the episodes of life again and write a story for the current play.

  2. I have been recommending people to watch movies. Hope this blog proves my point right.


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