Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love is deep!!!! - deep below the beds of anger, frustration & the like at times...

There are times in life when pain simply needs to be gulped down the throat. You may not have been wrong, not have erred, but still the world seems to accuse you of the crime you never did and pass you blames you never deserved. World, here I say, refers to the people who mean the world to you, for, You or I would not care what rest of the world has to say anyway. At such moments just tell yourself, the frustration of theirs was killed and converted into smooth flow of crystals from your eyes, cleansing their heart and mind.

The dislike towards you might be killing, bear it for a while, as they mean the world to you is what you claim, and this is very little extra mile to ensure their smile. The ability of yours to simply gulp down the words that slip of their tongues could only result in a cleansed heart of theirs, void of any negatives, after which all that remains is love and affection. The love that, if seen, you can jump with joy, else assumptions are a definite solace.

They mean not to kill you, they mean to protect their love for you, and the want to release all of it, makes them shoot you to death, as all love is but hidden underneath the sheet of anger, frustration and hatred towards you. Hence there are times in life you have to simply...

Silenced you are! by the astonishing levels of anger and hatred that you believe you never were the reason for, they look at you with the eyes that have confirmed that you are the criminal worthy of being accused, and beyond that moment every act of yours is something they abhor.

Remember they still are the people who mean the world to you, and we all know that such people are very few. For, all that they have done for you, this fit of anger towards you definitely comes to you as really new. But as time goes by, as the things sink in deep, some alterations remain and some feelings go awry, few return their normal place while a new sunshine the nature throws to you yet again.

The ultimate truth lies here. The world comes back to the same position every 24 hours. The loved ones come back to you within the periodic cycle set. For, that's love! rest is all but an illusion.

What's even beyond is - 'all is temporary'. "Live till you live. Love till you live." ~Sujit Lalwani

Live & Let live is right. But LOVE & Let LOVE prevail!!! Don't kill it for a million tears~!

This prose might be vague! It gets clearer as life moves on. Read it at a later stage yet again. Explore the depth of it more than the last time, each time you read.

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  1. it just made me feel so good at once and made me get a smile. I read it at the right time of the day... thank you so much for clearing our minds sir....

  2. You have no idea, how your post reflected my current situation! I could relate to every word and also the of's, and's & to's!
    Can't thank you enough for writing this and bringing a ray of hope to my life! :)

  3. Can absolutely relate! Every single person who has genuinely loved their world can relate I'm sure.. So clearly you've conveyed a lot through this prose that I'm still awed!! Beautiful it is... More than worth sharing! And I just did...

  4. This post took me back in time, showed me that history does rhyme, revealed that people in their prime, can make sugar even from lime!

    Relevent, timely and heartfelt.. All in all, a post that deserves praise

  5. *A post that deserves praise, and a lesson that deserves remembrance! :-)

  6. I empathize with the very feeling written here .Live & let live is right. But LOVE & Let LOVE prevail!!! Don't kill it for a million tears~! --- especially is jus too raw , Like life which should be lived ,experienced and felt .. This one too should be lived , experienced and felt :) . Loved it .

  7. i went to ur event in hyderbad.......i heard your speech and i m glad to listen u are just fabulous...:)


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