Monday, December 14, 2009

Few random thoughts accessed from highly active areas of my brain at present!

A few random thoughts hovering on my mind, which summarise my way of looking at my life and the recent events of my life.

1. 24 hours are too much if they are split into minutes and seconds and each interval is taken care of individually.

2. The real taste of adventure in life, is to explore a path with more unknowns & less equations. For, that is when life will have infinite solutions.

3. GO OUT! BREAK THE RULES... Taste glory & create a story!

4. Doing something really big at a young age is marvellous, for, only that can make you realise - "rules are meant to be broken!"

5. SELF EVALUATION - If you are not criticised & everybody around you is satisfied with you, you can be sure of being on the wrong path. CHANGE DIRECTION!

6. Last but not the least - "All the world loves a lover". Love everyone. The easiest way to get loved is give love.


Just a few quotes to reinforce stuff.


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